ScaleCo uses a scalable search model; a blended model that combines traditional Private Equity sourcing with elements of a Search Fund. We pride ourselves on backing driven individuals, (ScaleCo’s “Operating Partners”) who find and operate companies to transform and scale. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, ScaleCo acquires controlling interests in microcap private companies. Our passion is supporting management of small businesses with an active approach to evolve into larger growth platforms through organic and inorganic growth.

We have developed the TAC Method, our proven process, to rapidly scale our platforms into the middle market. The goal of the TAC Method is to increase team alignment, improve financial reporting and accounting systems, achieve sustainable organic revenue growth, establish technical systems, and identify opportunities for corporate development, we can transform the value of any company.

Over the past 20 years, ScaleCo has managed three committed funds and invested more than $100 million in 20+ platform companies. We find and work with entrepreneurial operating partners to lead, transform, and scale acquired companies using our proven process.

ScaleCo’s investment thesis is dependent on people. At ScaleCo, our teams’ core values are; Humble, Hungry, People-Smart, Entrepreneurial Passion (HH&PE). We believe gathering a wide network of HH&PE people will cultivate transformational relationships and opportunities for the Scale Community creating a natural compounding effect.

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Operating Partners are experienced business leaders & entrepreneurs who come from diverse backgrounds with varied skill sets, able to step into a visionary or an integrator role of a plateaued company. Upon acquisition, our Operating Partners step into a full-time leadership position to help accelerate the growth plan. ScaleCo has gained value from aligning individuals with the opportunity to learn and implement our proven process into companies they are passionate about.
ScaleCo’s leverage comes from the Operating Partner’s passion for the platform opportunity and industry, vision for the investment ahead, and efforts to transform the organization. we continue to meet many different entrepreneurs that represent a variety of industries as well as experience. ScaleCo’s team has transformed many platforms through people and process.

Common ScaleCo Questions

ScaleCo is a private equity firm located in Cleveland, Ohio that acquires controlling interest in microcap private companies.

Check out our ScaleCo Summary for full details.

ScaleCo has successfully raised 3 funds and managed 20+ platforms through the last 25 years.

ScaleCo continues to consider platform investments nationwide, however, our primary focus in in the Midwest. Because our model requires intense engagement and active involvement, we believe travel time and greater distance impedes platform growth.

ScaleCo is a buyout fund. The typical ownership structure is at least 50% ownership with the ideal between 65 and 70%. ScaleCo also favors platforms where members of current leadership want to participate in the next phase of growth.

Our high water mark for AUM was 80 million+.