ScaleCo is a Cleveland-based investment platform focusing on sub-middle market businesses. Over a 20 year legacy including three committed Evolution Capital funds, we have invested over $100 million in more than 20 platform companies. ScaleCo has extensive experience in transforming small businesses and has a preference to invest alongside a partner willing to roll their sleeves up, though we can accommodate the owner looking to exit the business as well. We are structured so that we can hold investments much longer than the traditional five year private equity holding period. Our process is purpose-built to drive organic growth.

ScaleCo assists portfolio management with strategy, hiring, sales, pipeline management, systems, IT, financial, accounting, and other identified areas of support.   As our network of aspiring entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs-In-Residence  learn and further develop the TAC Method, we continue to build a community of talented investors, operators, and mentors.  An open and transparent Scale Community, motivated to help others through the same opportunity they were granted.

Why do this?   Simple – it generates top tier returns to investors.  It also just so happens to provide life changing opportunities for employees and a positive impact on community.  Dare we say, win, win, win?  Profitable, scalable, impactful entrepreneurial and small company development.

ScaleCo’s investment thesis relies on finding great people with a unique set of interests. Nothing about ScaleCo, or our efforts in our companies, is 9-5. Our team  believes in “Ruby Slippers,” meaning there is no place they’d rather be – at least for today.

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Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR) are experienced business leaders & entrepreneurs who come from diverse backgrounds with varied skill sets, able to step into a visionary or an integrator role of a scaling company. At times, an EIR may step into a full-time leadership position to help a company through a particular event or may act as advisor in a specific functional area of expertise on a part-time basis. In other words, the EIR integrates with the company’s management team wherever needed.
Our cadre of EIRs are not your traditional advisors, in-between gigs, but are experienced entrepreneurs looking to actively and meaningfully contribute to or run a scaling company. These EIRs, or operating managers, are familiar with ScaleCo and our TAC method {link to TAC Method explanation on website} and can implement the necessary processes to grow the business.
ScaleCo’s team has and continues to meet many different entrepreneurs that represent a variety of industries as well as experience. Many of our EIRs have been involved with one or more of our platform companies to date.

Common ScaleCo Questions

ScaleCo is a private equity firm located in Cleveland, Ohio that acquires controlling interest in microcap private companies.

Check out our ScaleCo Summary for full details.

ScaleCo has successfully raised 3 funds and managed 20+ platforms through the last 25 years.

ScaleCo continues to consider platform investments nationwide, however, our primary focus in in the Midwest. Because our model requires intense engagement and active involvement, we believe travel time and greater distance impedes platform growth.

ScaleCo is a buyout fund. The typical ownership structure is at least 50% ownership with the ideal between 65 and 70%. ScaleCo also favors platforms where members of current leadership want to participate in the next phase of growth.

Our high water mark for AUM was 80 million+.