ScaleCo’s Committed Capital Fund Acquires Controlling Interest in Transformable Private Companies Within Driving Distance of Cleveland, Ohio

ScaleCo uses a scalable search model; a blended model that combines traditional Private Equity deal sourcing with elements of a Search Fund. We pride ourselves on backing driven individuals, (ScaleCo’s “Operating Partners”) who find and operate companies to transform and scale.

Over 25+ years, we have matched our partner companies with an experienced Operating Partner who works closely with management to develop a shared vision and growth plan. ScaleCo always takes an active approach in the implementation of EOS and the TAC Method™ to scale our investment platforms into transformed companies.

ScaleCo invests out of its committed capital fund (ScaleCo Fund IV).

Operating Partners

We invest in people. We back driven individuals who:

  • Share in our values (Humble, Hungry, People Smart, and a Passion for Entrepreneurship)
  • Are team players and open to a partnership with ScaleCo
  • Have strong experience, showcasing a track record of achievement and leadership
  • Have a familiarity with EOS

ScaleCo provides Operating Partners with a committed team to support you in your search for a business to acquire.

operating partners
business owners

Business Owners

We understand that selling your business is a very difficult and personal decision. You want to be sure you are passing your business on to someone who cares as much as you do. It is our goal to preserve the legacy you have built. We work with you to understand your goals and desires – both financially and operationally – and provide a tailored transition plan that suits your needs and the needs of your business.

We want to partner with you if your business meets the following criteria:

  • Annual Revenue $4M+
  • Annual EBITDA $1M+
  • Drivable from Cleveland, OH
  • Well-defined growth plan
  • Looking to surround the business with experienced, committed support


Our investors are critical to our mission – providing not only capital, but strategic partnership. As we look to continue to expand our network and relationships, we welcome the chance to connect with institutional and qualified individual investors.


ScaleCo Origin Story

Over the past 25+ years, ScaleCo has managed three committed funds and invested more than $165M in 20+ platform companies.

ScaleCo Origin
Capital for Small Business

Capital for Small Business

If you’re ready to experience the next stage of growth, ScaleCo will get you there. We are more than just a capital source – we offer a well established process that delivers the kinds of results you’ve been searching for.