Name:                  Denea Jackson

Title:                     Administrative Services


Denea Jackson started her career in Cleveland, OH as an Administrative Assistant for Brown Gibbons Lang & Company. In 2013, she found Evolution Capital Partners where she transitioned into an Office Manager Role. Later in her career, Ms. Jackson joined The Great Lakes Towing Company and Great Lakes Shipyard in 2019 as an Accounting Specialist. In 2021, she joined the ScaleCo team full time as an Office Administrator & Director of the Scale Community, where she works diligently to organize, systemize, and manage multiple facets of the business.

Ms. Jackson’s career has focused on office administration, team building, inventory management, and accounting. For over 20 years she has been providing value to companies with a high level of organization and a can-do attitude. As well as office management, Ms. Jackson is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and orchestrating the Scale Community through event planning.

Ms. Jackson met Mr. Anderson at Evolution Capital Partners in Cleveland, OH and stayed in touch over the years.

Ms. Jackson received a BS in Health/Health Care Administration/Management from Walden University.

LinkedIn URL:      Denea Jackson

Kolbe:                   8-7-2-3 (Strengths: Specify, Systematize, Stabilize, Envision)