Name:                  Mike David

Title:                     President

ScaleCo/ECP Tenure:      I have worked with the ScaleCo team for more than 10 years, including leading the Heavy Equipment Colleges transaction in 2015, joining full time in 2019.

M&A Tenure/Experience:

Mike has extensive private equity and operating company experience.  Previous investments have been in retail, manufacturing, business services, distribution, and manufacturing, including deals in Canada, the UK, the Caribbean and South America.  Operating experience has been in retail (CFO of a big-box start-up) and manufacturing (President/CFO), with various other board level roles.

Areas of Expertise:

Having served as the CFO of two companies and President of another, Mike is very familiar with the integration of IT systems, accounting/reporting processes and operational needs.  He has implemented new ERP and CRM systems, managed HR, reformulated pricing policies and sales targets, and realigned operations.  Mike has exceptional organizational and teaching skills.

Professional Highlights:

Mike feels fortunate to have worked in different and challenging areas of the investment world:  private equity funds, hedge funds and a HNW family office.  He has a constant desire to learn, which is key to investing capital in a thoughtful and careful manner.

LinkedIn URL:

Kolbe:                   8-7-1-4 (Strengths: Strategize, Systematize, Stabilize, Restore)