Name:                  Seth Workman

Title:                     Operating Partner


Seth Workman started his career managing a boutique restaurant in New York City, New York. His experience in Management led him to McDonald’s Corporation Headquarters in Chicago, IL where he joined the Fast-Track Management Program. Seeking reinvention, he decided to venture back to NYC and join JPMorgan Chase as a licensed Banker focusing on annuity and insurance products. In 2008, Mr. Workman moved to Cleveland, OH and founded NorthLake Sales LLC, aan independent manufacturers rep. In 2009, he joined CrossCountry Mortgage as a National Mortgage Banker, where he spent nearly a decade assisting the company in growing their wholesale residential mortgage business. Most recently, Mr. Workman managed several divisions of a commercial kitchen equipment distribution business in Cleveland, OH. He has been successful in running restaurant businesses, applying growth strategies to small businesses, and divisional management. In 2021, he founded HighDive Partners, which links private companies with private equity solutions to accelerate growth or structure exit planning through strategic collaboration.

Mr. Workman met Mr. Anderson through Shaker Heights Country Club. They met through similar interests and began a dialogue regarding ScaleCo’s entrepreneurship through acquisition model. Mr. Workman joined ScaleCo in 2021 as Operating Partner, focused on identifying investment opportunities.

Mr. Workman received a BA in Communications from the University of Cincinnati. He has also completed his CEPA designation.

LinkedIn URL:      Seth Workman

Kolbe:                   6-3-8-3 (Strengths: Explain, Maintain, Innovate, Envision)