The TAC Method – Financial Reporting and Accounting

ScaleCo supports our partner companies by working closely in creating accounting processes and efficient financial reporting systems.

ScaleCo has developed a repeatable, operating framework to scale our portfolio. The TAC Method™ (Transform, Accelerate and Consolidate), coupled with like-minded business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other life-long learners, transforms small companies into growth companies. The TAC Method includes five key growth categories: Financial Reporting and Accounting, Team Alignment, Organic Revenue Growth (Sales and Marketing), Technical Systems (IT, CRM, Accounting, Operating & Other), and Corporate Development.

ScaleCo assists in the financial and accounting aspects of our partner companies by

  • Helping the leadership team establish accounting processes, financial reporting systems, profitability analyses, and budgets
  • Process and procedures for accounting functions
  • Over time, we strive to create an Open Book Management culture utilizing the format of the Great Game of Business (“GGOB”) methodology
  • Deliver a full understanding of the company’s history and a Scorecard that helps predict the future

If you are interested in learning more about our Proven Process, the TAC Method, please fill out the contact form to get in touch with our team.