Name:                  Ashley Alber

Title:                     Partner


Prior to joining ScaleCo, Ashley Alber served as an Investing Principal for JumpStart Ventures Inc., an early-stage venture capital fund focused on technology investments. Prior to JumpStart, Ashley worked in as an Analyst at a $10B+ AUM hedge fund as well as an Investment Banking Associate at UBS. Ashley has extensive experience across the finance industry, and her passion lies in investing in high potential entrepreneurs with big ideas. Ashley has a B.A. in Finance and Marketing from New York University (2008).

Ashley serves as Partner at ScaleCo, where she is responsible for deal execution and the operations of ScaleCo portfolio companies. She oversees developments in accounting and finance, team alignment, organic revenue growth, technology enablement, and corporate development.

LinkedIn URL:     Ashley Alber

Kolbe:                   7-5-8-1 (Strengths: Explain, Maintain, Innovate, Envision)