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Connor Kucharski

Meet Connor

With aspirations of entrepreneurship and an unconventional double major in Biology and Economics, Connor Kucharski joined the ScaleCo team as a Summer Intern in June of 2021. Connor is currently attending Williams College in Massachusetts and is expected to graduate in 2023. He found ScaleCo through discussion with Vice Presidents, Mike Martof and Wiley Runnestrand, where he expressed interest in investment banking and business transactions. Prior to joining the team, Connor was hoping to work on financial models. He worked closely with Mike Martof, who helped him understand financial modeling in a deeper way.  “…Mike was really, really, patient with me. He wanted to make sure that I really understood everything…Mike was more than willing to sit down and walk me through what I needed to know”. During his time at ScaleCo, Connor was responsible for creating quality earnings reports, building financial statements, and putting together pitch decks to be used in board meetings. This exposure gave him great insight into business dealing structure and process in the private equity world. With an open mind and eagerness to learn, Connor successfully completed multiple projects during his internship. 

Connor appreciated the opportunity to experiment with projects and learn through trial and error. “My favorite part of the internship was just me running with projects and then being able to learn on the fly”. The greatest lesson Connor learned is to continuously document his thought processes and organize his work. His processes gave him a framework for checking progress and learning from the final product. 

Looking Forward

In ten years’ time, Connor would like to merge his experience in corporate strategy and biology and take the entrepreneurial leap in a Biotech or Healthcare field. “I’m really interested in CRISPR…I think that’s the key to being sustainable in the future”. Connor’s assignments and projects truly made a difference at ScaleCo. “I was actually adding value (to ScaleCo), that made me feel really good. It made me feel like I was a part of the team from day one”. Outside of work, Connor is a team captain for the Williams College Hockey Team. Always willing to help, Connor’s efforts were tremendous during his summer internship. We wish him luck as he continues his undergraduate education! 

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