Name:                  Donnie Bedney

Title:                    Operating Partner

ScaleCo/ECP Tenure:     2020

Donnie Bedney has spent his career at prestigious consulting and healthcare organizations, including Gallup and Press Ganey, as a workforce, human capital, and sales executive. Mr. Bedney has been successful leading project teams, increasing customer service efficacy, and streamlining organizational processes. Mr. Bedney received a BS in business administration and management from Oakwood University and an MBA in finance and sports management from Seton Hall University.

Mr. Bedney joined ScaleCo is 2020 as an Operating Partner, taking on business development responsibilities in ScaleCo’s investment thesis around the human capital management business.  In 2021, ScaleCo and Mr. Bedney purchased PSP Metrics, Inc., a provider of employee assessment tools, and Mr. Bedney was named President.


Kolbe: 6-3-8-4