Name:                  Gary Bowling

Title:                    Owner In Residence

ScaleCo/ECP Tenure:      April 2020

Gary Bowling has wide-ranging experience in entrepreneurship through acquisition. He has been successful in business development, SaaS, and consulting. Bowling received a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from the University of Akron.

In 2020, after having known Mr. Anderson for several years, Mr. Bowling joined ScaleCo as an Operating Partner. He took on business development responsibilities around the firm’s investment thesis regarding value-added distribution. In April 2021, Mr. Bowling became President of Innoplast, a manufacturer and retailer of vehicle and facility protection products, following ScaleCo’s acquisition of the company.

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Kolbe:                   6-3-8-3 (Strengths: Explain, Adapt, Innovate, Envision)