Name:                  Wiley Runnestrand

Title:                     Vice President

ScaleCo/ECP Tenure:      Has worked with the ScaleCo and ECP portfolio since early 2018.

M&A Tenure/Experience:

Wiley started his entrepreneurial journey in 2010, founding the start-up GeoGeist. A web-based database of public information sources aggregated together and layer through a GIS visualization layer to create a geographically related analytics tool. In 2018, he joined the ScaleCo team full time, diving into the portfolio to prepare the partner companies for exit and onboard new platforms using the TAC method.

Areas of Expertise:

Wiley’s career has focused on developing the skills of a technical marketer, for over 12 years he has been using data sources to connect clients to their customers through holistic data solutions that leverage new technologies and information sources. As a technical marketer, his experience has given Wiley a deep understanding of systems and their implementations, while also instilling the concept that all software can only enforce the processes already created, never replace the process.

Professional Highlights:

Wiley’s career has spanned startup culture, politics, data science, IT and Higher Education. This broad experience has highlighted that most organizational challenges are felt by companies of all sizes. However, the solutions accessible vary widely. At ScaleCo, Wiley is able to infuse company’s in the midst of scale with solutions that will grow with them accelerating the growth curve.

LinkedIn URL: Wiley Runnestrand

Kolbe:                   8-5-4-3 (Strengths: Specify, Maintain, Modify, Envision)