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Telayne Keith


Telayne Keith found ScaleCo through an internship search in 2020, and eventually moved into a Marketing Associate and User Experience seat in 2021. She is accountable for many projects involving user experience, graphic design, [...]

Telayne Keith2022-07-20T10:17:48-05:00

Wiley Runnestrand


Name:                  Wiley Runnestrand Title:                     Vice President ScaleCo/ECP Tenure:      Has worked with the ScaleCo and ECP portfolio since early 2018. M&A Tenure/Experience: Wiley started his entrepreneurial journey in 2010, founding the [...]

Wiley Runnestrand2022-07-01T14:25:40-05:00

Mike Martof


Name: Michael Martof Title: Vice President ScaleCo/ECP Tenure: 2 years M&A Tenure/Experience: Prior to ScaleCo, Mike was at EdgePoint Capital Partners, a boutique investment bank, where he provided guidance to owners on mergers and [...]

Mike Martof2022-07-01T14:23:31-05:00

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