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Holly Smith


Name:                  Holly Smith Title:                     Associate Background: Prior to joining ScaleCo, Holly Smith received her bachelor's degree in marketing with a minor in [...]

Holly Smith2022-08-02T12:17:23-05:00

Holli Roberts


Name:                  Holli Roberts Title:                     Senior Associate Background: Prior to ScaleCo, Holli Roberts worked for an Expert EOS Implementer in the Cleveland area [...]

Holli Roberts2022-08-04T10:35:11-05:00

Denea Jackson


Name:                  Denea Jackson Title:                     Administrative Services Background: Denea Jackson began her career as an Administrative Assistant for an investment banking and financial advisory firm, and later joined Evolution Capital Partners. [...]

Denea Jackson2022-08-02T12:13:37-05:00

Charles Harris


Name:                  Charles Harris Title:                     Partner, Business Development Background: Prior to ScaleCo, Charles Harris worked as a public finance investment banker. He founded [...]

Charles Harris2022-08-02T11:48:24-05:00

Matt Diamond


Name:                  Matt Diamond Title:                     Partner, Legal & Michigan Lead Background: Matt Diamond began his career as an attorney with a Chicago-based [...]

Matt Diamond2022-08-02T11:53:13-05:00

Mike David


Title:                     Partner, Fund & Deal Execution Background: Mike David has worked in the private equity industry for over 25 years. He is exceptionally skilled in investment analysis and due [...]

Mike David2022-08-04T10:31:33-05:00

Brendan Anderson


Name:                  Brendan Anderson Title:                     Founder & Managing Partner Background: Brendan Anderson began his career in Chicago, where he completed formal credit training and worked as a senior lending officer with American National Bank [...]

Brendan Anderson2022-07-01T13:41:34-05:00

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