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Holly Smith


Name:                  Holly Smith Title:                     Associate Background: In 2021, Holly Smith joined ScaleCo Capital as an Associate. Her primary focus at ScaleCo involves [...]

Holly Smith2023-09-11T14:31:58-05:00

Holli Roberts


Name:                  Holli Roberts Title:                     Senior Associate Background: In 2021, Holli Roberts joined ScaleCo Capital as a Senior Associate. At ScaleCo, she is [...]

Holli Roberts2023-09-11T14:31:38-05:00

Matt Diamond


Name:                  Matt Diamond Title:                     Partner, Legal & Michigan Lead Background: In 2021, Matt Diamond joined ScaleCo Capital as a Partner focusing [...]

Matt Diamond2023-09-11T14:30:36-05:00

Charles Harris


Name:                  Charles Harris Title:                     Partner, Business Development Background: In 2021, Charles Harris joined the ScaleCo Capital team as a Partner focusing on [...]

Charles Harris2023-09-11T14:29:48-05:00

Dave Jacob


Name:                  Dave Jacob Title:                     Managing Partner Background: In 2023, Dave Jacob joined the ScaleCo Capital team as Managing Partner and an [...]

Dave Jacob2023-10-13T14:34:46-05:00

Brendan Anderson


Name:                  Brendan Anderson Title:                     Founder & Managing Partner Background: Brendan Anderson founded ScaleCo Capital in 2018. As the founder and managing partner, Brendan serves as the Chairman of the ScaleCo [...]

Brendan Anderson2023-09-11T14:26:38-05:00