Name:                  Brendan Anderson

Title:                     Founder & CEO

ScaleCo/ECP Tenure:      Brendan acquired his first company in 1997, founded of Evolution in 2006 and launched ScaleCo in 1998.

M&A Tenure/Experience:

Brendan started his entrepreneurial journey in 1995, purchasing and operating three companies before starting Evolution Capital Partners in 2006.  Evolution formed three committed funds purchasing 14 platform investments and many add-ons growth investments.  In 2018, I formed ScaleCo with a group of likeminded investors to position investments to think and grow for the long term.  Investments have been in manufacturing, distribution, business services, training and other industries.

Areas of Expertise:

Prior to forming Evolution, Brendan’s experience included commercial banking, CFO, VP Sales and COO of a manufacturing business, CEO of a real estate company, founder and director of a de novo bank and founder of a services business.  While at Evolution Brendan focused on deal sourcing, investor relations, deal structure, strategy and vision building.

Professional Highlights:

Brendan has been a student of emerging business best practices for more than 25 years.  He has been a founder, entrepreneur through acquisition and manager of three committed funds.  Brendan is extremely excited to implement the vision of ScaleCo to transform companies with the long term in mind.

LinkedIn URL:

Kolbe:                   4-2-9-3 (Strengths: Explain, Adapt, Innovate, Envision)

rendan Anderson Headshot