Creating a Scaleup Community

We are a growth capital firm providing shared services and best practices to propel platforms beyond the typical small business stumbling blocks.

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New firm will take long view PE model
A new long-hold company formed by a cofounder of Evolution Capital Partners will allow investors to keep their positions in smaller, scalable businesses longer ...

Investment Criteria

Obviously we invest capital but we also invest time and intellectual resources. ScaleCo helps every platform reduce their cost of operations, allowing the management teams to focus on driving revenue and delivering their product(s) and/or service(s).

Scaling Small Businesses

Entrepreneurial Operating System

ScaleCo's implementation of EOS allows platforms to effectively navigate their own decision making. Saving time and staying focused on the issues that matter in 30, 60, 90-day windows. This system allows for fast execution and drives decision making to all levels within the platform allowing the whole team to act with singular purpose.


The ScaleCo team is able to bring immediate clarity to operations. Identifying, defining and tracking the KPIs that allow everyone to speak the same language: clearly and intelligibly. ScaleCo has the business intelligence experts to make this reporting seamless. Many of these reporting metrics revolve around financials, ScaleCo hires the right people to produce historical data, profit by customer, products and location all of which fuel strategic planning and become the bedrock of successful decision making.

Sales and Marketing

We know how to build dedicated sales teams and industry leading brands efficiently. ScaleCo works directly with marketers, website developers, graphic designers, print houses and others to drastically reduce costs. Our team uses proprietary methods to glean information and data from current and future customers to better understand what makes them buy. By bringing business intelligence, data mining and software systems to the equation, holistically, ScaleCo is able to create a clearer picture of the customer and how to engage them.

Digital Disruption

Platforms have reached the limits of their startup technology solutions. Likely they are starting to feel the pain of those limits. ScaleCo has the expertise to infuse new technologies quickly. Helping companies successfully complete RFIs, assessment and implementation of software that will set for the next stage of growth. Our expertises include Digital Marketing, CRM, CMS, ERP, data science and analytics.

Talent Development

Businesses grow to the point that skill gaps exist that prevent forward momentum. Identifying key hires to fill those gaps at the appropriate time is a staple of the ScaleCo solution. We have done it before and understand how to search for key executives within tight resource and time constraints. Our goal is to find people who share the passionate to build, invest and grow companies without breaking the bank. By finding these people and professionalizing the hiring process, ScaleCo is able to unlock sustained growth.

Corporate Development

We buy companies. Our team has been transacting for 20+ years and know how to find the right deal. ScaleCo believes that M&A can form a key component to scaling when done right. We understand when it is appropriate to buy a new service, product offering or just add more revenue. Few companies have the resources to execute a sound M&A strategy and it can be a big distraction when a deal falls through. ScaleCo knows how to source opportunities and screen for the right fit without distracting management.

A Proven Track Record: 23 Years of Investing Experience

Our Team

With over 23 years of Investing Experience.

Our Investment Model

Learn more about our Investment Criteria, how our Platforms are cultivated and Long Term Capital.


  • Discover value drivers
  • Build organic growth engine
  • Healthy balance sheet
  • Build management team
  • Implement shared services
  • Define core focus
  • Grab small wins


  • Complete ScaleCo process
  • Master value proposition
  • Opportunistic add-ons
  • "Low hanging" product & service expansions
  • Ready to support debt


  • Use balance sheet for growth
  • Aggressive M&A
  • Geographic expansion
  • Back fill holes in product and service offering
  • Establish market leadership

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