Name:                  Holli Roberts

Title:                     ScaleCo Associate

ScaleCo Tenure:      Scaleco 2021-Present

M&A Tenure/Experience:

Holli began her career at ScaleCo in 2021 as a Marketing Associate. She is responsible for Marketing content management, process development and improvement, deal origination, and operations at ScaleCo.

Areas of Expertise:

Holli earned a bachelors degree from John Carroll University with a specialization in Supply Chain Management in 2020. The following year, she received a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Prior to ScaleCo, Holli worked for a Expert EOS Implementer in the Cleveland area as a Director of Marketing. She was responsible for social media and content management as well as client communication and practice management. She believes entrepreneurship and marketing are her two greatest professional passions.

Professional Highlights:

Holli’s career has spanned supply chain, marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation. Her broad experience and skillset allows her to employ a wide range of strategic solutions to ScaleCo and their portfolio companies. Full of ambition and an eagerness to help, Holli brings an invaluable perspective and sense of order to ScaleCo.

LinkedIn URL: Holli Roberts

Kolbe:                   8-6-6-2 (Strengths: Specify, Maintain, Modify, Envision)