ScaleCo Founder and Managing Partner, Brendan Anderson Featured on iHeart Media Cleveland CEO’s You Should Know Podcast

March 23, 2023

Brendan Anderson, Founder and Managing Partner of ScaleCo, was featured on iHeart Media’s Cleveland CEO’s You Should Know. On the podcast, Mr. Anderson sits down with host Keith Hotchkiss to discuss his origin as a small business Operator, and his plans for driving growth in Northeast Ohio. In the interview, Mr. Anderson describes ScaleCo’s active involvement model and the process for finding talented operators to run transformational companies.

Listen to the podcast on the iHeart Media website, ‘Brendan Anderson: Founder and Managing Partner of ScaleCo‘.

Brendan Anderson and Host Keith Hotchkiss

Brendan Anderson and Cleveland CEO’s You Should Know Podcast Host, Keith Hotchkiss at the Cleveland iHeartMedia Studio.

About ScaleCo

ScaleCo is a microcap private equity firm that acquires controlling interests in small, high gross margin companies and infuses capital, operational expertise and strategic guidance in order to scale their growth potential. For over 25 years, ScaleCo has managed four committed funds and invested more than $165M in 22+ platform companies. ScaleCo is currently investing out of its committed capital fund (ScaleCo Fund IV). To learn more, visit

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