March 31, 2022 • Company Feed Highlights, News, Scale Community, Team

ScaleCo’s Principles

Working With All People

ScaleCo backs driven individuals and works to build a large community of entrepreneurial spirited people. We believe supporting people that meet our core values and those who fit these principles will create opportunities not only within ScaleCo but for everyone involved.

Outward Mindset

ScaleCo team members have an outward mindset. They think beyond themselves, and see the needs, objectives, and challenges of others. They work to solve the problem and not place blame on others.

There Is No “Place” Like ScaleCo, Today: Ruby Slippers

Belief in the ScaleCo mission of transforming companies and providing an opportunity to anyone willing to work hard, self-reflect and improve processes. ScaleCo members help everyone envision their goals, dreams, & best place for them even if it is not with ScaleCo. We are team, process, and procedure improvement focused. We believe in transparency from both ends. It is important for us to approach anything open and honestly and look for that in the people we work with.

Self-Reflection: Windows and Mirrors

Team members need to look first at self-improvement before reflecting on others’ actions.

  • With Success: Give credit to others.
  • With Failure: Analyze what you could have done to improve.
  • Always: Document failures and successes to improve the process.

Inclusion – Psychological Safety: Live the 4 Stages (Clean Heart)

  1. Inclusive: Connect, include, without judgment, and welcome HH&PE people into the Scale Community.
  2. Learning: Humbly engage in all aspects of learning, questioning, giving, and receiving feedback, experimenting, and learn from success and mistakes.
  3. Contributor: Earn “full member of the team” status, empower with autonomy and guidance in exchange for effort and results.
  4. Challenger: Gain confidence and knowledge to ask why we do what we do to improve the process, clarify the vision, and expand our mission.

People Count: #1 Key To Our Success

View everyone as a person and that everyone adds value to the cause. Deliver feedback with their interest at heart. Train, teach, learn, and ignite possibilities. It is important to listen and reflect as well as provide guidance at every opportunity since everyone has room for growth and learning. We believe if they win, we win because development and success are a benefit to everyone.

Do The Right Thing

Always have a clean heart. When making a decision we think about how it will benefit for the long term; not for what is easiest now.

About ScaleCo

ScaleCo Capital is a Cleveland-based lower middle market private equity firm that focuses on control-oriented leveraged buyout and growth equity investments in fast-growing companies based primarily in the Great Lakes region. ScaleCo partners with companies in the verticals of business services, tech-enabled services, value added distribution and assembly, and training, compliance, and education sectors, bringing operational expertise and strategic resources to scale their growth potential and build long-term value. To learn more, visit scaleco.com.

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