TPI Efficiency Acquires GreenStar Solutions

July 18th, 2023

ScaleCo Capital Management (“ScaleCo”) is excited to announce that on Friday, June 30th, TPI Efficiency (“TPI”), a ScaleCo Fund IV Company, acquired the electricity and natural gas business of Greenstar Solutions, LLC. Located in Bethlehem, PA, Greenstar is TPI’s first add-on acquisition.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, TPI Efficiency was founded in 2009 by Roger Zona and acquired by ScaleCo in October 2022. TPI Efficiency is a robust operating platform that provides expert energy procurement services and cost-reduction strategies for their clients’ energy spending (natural gas, electric, etc.) and LED lighting installations nationwide.

Greenstar Solutions, LLC offers telecommunications solutions to customers, in addition to being a licensed energy broker that serves businesses in deregulated natural gas and electricity markets.

The strategic partnership between TPI Efficiency and Greenstar perfectly aligns with ScaleCo’s investment thesis of supporting technology-enabled business service companies. Zona, Founder and CEO of TPI Efficiency, expressed his enthusiasm, “This acquisition marks an important milestone for TPI Efficiency as it expands its portfolio with the addition of Greenstar Solutions. This acquisition will allow the joint business to offer its clients an even more comprehensive range of services.”

The acquisition strengthens TPI Efficiency’s position as a leader in the energy procurement industry, further enhancing its ability to deliver cost-effective strategies and drive sustainable growth for its clients.

Both businesses will continue to serve their clients with excellence, leveraging their combined expertise to provide optimal energy procurement solutions. With the completion of this acquisition, ScaleCo is excited to be a part of future success while continuing to look for additional strategic partnerships/acquisitions that will further expand the TPI Efficiency platform.

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About TPI Efficiency

TPI Efficiency is an Ohio leader in energy brokerage and utility consulting, serving businesses in every deregulated natural gas and electricity market. Headquartered in Cleveland, they leverage the expertise of their consultants to identify the most suitable energy and wholesale solutions for each business. TPI Efficiency takes a vendor-neutral approach and prioritizes customized, cost-effective solutions for their clients. Founded in 2009, TPI recently celebrated 13 years in business, servicing over 3,800 commercial, industrial, educational, government, and nonprofit organizations nationwide. For more information, visit